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Mera Yaar Miladay – Episode 3

I like the pace at which the story is moving along with each passing episode and has managed to get me interested, despite my early misgivings and skepticism.

So Dabbu Bhai’s plan seemed like a sensible and logical one – trace Mushq’s home address from her mobile number and since Dabbu Bhai is well connected, then that should not be a problem for him to pull off.

Master Sb knows that Mushq is unhappy with the marriage and tells her he is unhappy too but feels this is the only solution. Since he has already faced so much badnaami with the entire mohalla knowing Mushq tried to elope then why not do the obvious thing by having Fahd come with his mother and properly ask for the rishta rather than marrying Mushq off to a man his own age. We know Mushq believes Fahd has betrayed her so I wonder why she went to the internet café to send him a message on Facebook? She even reassures her sister that she is not changing her mind about marrying Qureshi then what did she want to message Fahd about? To express her anger/misery over his betrayal? Shaadi ka invite? Probably not.

Dabbu Bhai and Mehru Jee’s romance is a bit confusing. She seems to be all ‘mera Dabbu’ and flirting with him but at the same time eyeing Fahd. I wonder where this track will lead.

Meanwhile, Dabbu Bhai is able to get Mushq’s address and tells Striker to find where Master Sb’s house is and gauge what the situation is there. He learns Mushq is getting married and reports back to Dabbu Bhai. The way Striker flings open Qureshi’s gate and bounces in with his pink lined hoodie made me laugh but I found it cute and very natural. The actor playing Striker often plays such roles and performs them well. I don’t think Striker is actually Dabbu’s brother so maybe he is someone Dabbu took under his wing. Dabbu Bhai seems to have many facets to his personality and so far I like what I am seeing.

Dabbu Bhai is able to make Qureshi back off and call off the wedding. Poor (not!) Qureshi – after all the trouble he went to dye his moustache. I did feel for Master Sb when he learns the baraat will not be coming. He has spent his entire life living a respectable life in the mohalla and within days has become a laughing stock, first with his daughter running away from home and then having to announce to the entire crowd that the baraat is not coming. But then, had he agreed to let Mushq marry Fahd tau yeh naubat he na aati. Oh well. Oh, but this episode did answer my question in my earlier review about whether Master Sb had literally dragged Mushq home for the mohalla to witness – apparently he did, as Dado points out.

Fahd meets Mushq and convinces her again of his love. Even though Ahmed Ali and Sajal Ali have both acted well, I do not see the chemistry between them. Faisal Qureshi as Dabbu Bhai is perfect. I have said it before and I say it again, Faisal Qureshi is an amazing actor and I find he does these streetwise/ gunda type roles full justice. I love his character for now – the mohalla fears/ respects him but he has a good heart and conscience which we see when he feels about what he puts Master Sb through.

Overall I enjoyed the episode. I liked how the story has moved along and we are saved from watching Fahd bhatkofying the streets for long, looking for Mushq. He knows exactly where she lives and the marriage to Qureshi has also been prevented from taking place. The drama does not seem very filmy to me anymore and not as typical a storyline as it seemed to be at the beginning.

For the first time I am enjoying a performance by Sajal Ali, although I recently started watching her play on PTV – Tum Mere Kia Ho – and I am liking her performance there too. I know Fahd’s character leaves his mother and home to come and look for Mushq but somehow I don’t find his desperation convincing enough. Faisal Qureshi has never given me anything to complain about – I can safely say that this is one of the main reasons why I am liking this play.

Next week’s preview shows interaction between Dabbu Bhai and Master Sb and also the introduction of an ‘opposition gunda’ maybe? Let’s see what happens next. Please do share your thoughts on this episode!

Kunwal Javid

Updated: Nov 15, 2016 — 10:57 PM

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