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Pakeeza – Episode 1

When my mum rang me and while chatting about things, asked me if I had watched Pakeeza, reviewed Pakeeza and submitted my review on Pakeeza – and a while later when I spoke to my mum in law and she asked me the same three questions – my interest was piqued. I have only ever written one review of one episode of one drama but in their eyes I am already a celebrity. Bless their hearts, what lovely beings mothers are!

Pakeeza is being aired on HUM TV replacing Sangat – (gosh what an odd and senseless drama that was right till the very actual end!)- on Thursdays at 8pm. Written by Bushra Ansari and directed by Misbah Khalid, Pakeeza stars Aamina Sheikh, Adnan Siddiqui and Alyy Khan in the lead roles.

I watched the first episode and then feeling very Fareeda-ish (Digest Writer) with food cooking at the choola, I sat down at the kitchen table to pen my thoughts. The drama starts with showing us that Pakeeza Jibran (Aamina Sheikh) is a very talented artist who is being interviewed for a TV programme at her home. Enters Jibran (Alyy Khan), her husband and the way Pakeeza springs up from her seat and her expression changes you realise straight away that the couple do not share the most cordial of relationships. The way he spoke of Pakeeza during the interview, putting her down and saying how without him Pakeeza would have been nothing, makes him come across as one of those insecure men who do not deal well with their wives’ succeeding at anything on a professional level. We see as the drama progresses that he tends to flare up at the slightest of things and thinks nothing of often hitting his wife. This too he puts down to Pakeeza being a ‘duffer aurat’ (his words, not mine) and always riling him and making him angry.

The couple have a daughter Kiran who is well aware of her father’s attitude towards her mother and feels very frustrated and wishes to intervene as we see although he is a horrendous husband, he dotes on his daughter but Pakeeza always tells her not to interfere and that it does not bother her much etc.

Pakeeza goes to an art gallery where she spends a few hours a day painting. This is her haven, her escape. The gallery is owned by Naima (Angeline Malik) and we see Azeem (Adnan Siddiqui) always lurking around. I am not sure if he is a co-owner (as he refers to Naima as Bhabhi) or an artist like Pakeeza – or both. Naima is apparently Pakeeza’s nand and was her friend before she became her nand. So I suppose Pakeeza and Jibran met through her then? And fell in love? So he was obviously different earlier. What made him change – being unable to take his wife’s success? Naima is very disapproving of Jibran’s attitude towards Pakeeza and asks her why she tolerates it but we do not know as yet if she has tried to do anything about it or ever confronted her brother as no interaction between the two was shown in the first episode.

We learn through Naima’s conversation with her daughter that their (Naima and Jibran’s) mother left them when they were little because their father used to treat their mother badly. She could not take it anymore and decided to leave him and the father did not allow her to take the children but she left him regardless. So, it is anger at his mother that makes Jibran act the way he does. Uff I have serious issues with that logic. If his dad was such a jerk and would mistreat his mother and the children knew then would that not make him want to be a better husband? If the husband’s behaviour is what made their mother leave then would he not want to be nicer so his wife does not do the same? When he is yelling at Pakeeza later he makes it sound as if his mother was the one causing trouble in the house before she left so you do then wonder what warped up image he has of what actually happened. I also do not get why he says he tolerates her for Kiran’s sake – do parents not see that endless yelling at each other or one yelling and causing misery in the house affects the child? Pakeeza tells Naima that her self respect is very important to her – what about her self respect when she is at home? She seems educated, able to support herself, then why does she take all of Jibran’s nonsense? Why not lash out, up and leave? I know it is easier said than done in our society, but somehow Pakeeza does not seem to be a usual, frightened bechari – wonder what her story is then.


I got the feeling that Azeem was flirting with Pakeeza and the next episode preview confirmed my thoughts when he tells her he loves her. The OST shows Pakeeza and Azeem sharing some romantic moments – does she finally leave Jibran then?

The whole drama at the dinner table was so annoying too. Sending Pakeeza off to wash the plate, throwing dishes. Earlier in the drama, there is the scene where he smacks Pakeeza with the remote control and then says you know you make me angry and I have to take blood pressure ki medicine. So when Jibran yells that cutlets mein namak kam hai I almost wanted to yell back at him keh bhayee ek tau blood pressure ki medicine laitay ho aur phir namak kam namak kam cheekhtay ho, aakhir chahtay kia ho????!!

I wasn’t thrilled at the display of domestic abuse and it seems like it will occur again in the next episode at least, but I will be tuning in to watch a few more episodes to see where this all goes. Aamina Sheikh, Adnan Siddiqui and all performed well in the first episode and gave me nothing to complain about. I feel for Aamina Sheikh – for now – for although she is putting up with Jibran, she isn’t coming across as a frightened bechari so I am intrigued as to what her story is. I did not watch Jackson Heights so I haven’t seen Aamina on TV for a while now. I think she is an amazing actress and looking forward to watching her in this drama. Alyy Khan with his stern demeanour seems to fit well into his role. Adnan Siddiqui is someone who has been around for a while but hasn’t really made an impression on me. I did however love his acting in Mere Humdum Mere Dost so am hoping he gives a good performance in Pakeeza too. Overall, the drama seems watchable for now. Do share your thoughts on this episode!

Kunwal Javid

Updated: Nov 15, 2016 — 10:57 PM

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